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Out Standing! Out Standing! Out Standing! That’s all have to say about Ministry Website Designs. Of course, you know that’s not true because I always have plenty to say. Ministry Website Designs is church website and design company. What they’ve done it built very easy to use content management system to help churches and ministries build highly effective websites for their organizations. They have put together a true drag and drop edit to make any and all church websites a breeze to put together. Their system was built in HTLM5 so that everything you build will respond on you cellphones and tablets. I’ve noticed that some on their competitors have flash website builders, and why would you ever you use something so far out of date. Flash died with the apple take over since for some reason Steve Jobs hate it. Anyway, I did full in-depth study of the Ministry Website Designs website builder here is what I came up with.

Ease of us: YES!! They have a full video library and screen sharing support. The staff at Ministry Website Designs is super friendly and seems to go above the normal call of duty when it come to supporting their customers. They will do whatever it takes make sure that new customers have an understanding of the new tool (their words, not mine) which, by the way, makes me like them even more. So once you get past all the training the tools inside of the builder are very easy to understand. On the left-hand side, the have five primary tools that allow you to build shapes, edit text, insert images, build layering and create moving objects and widgets. Once you’ve selected what you want tool you want to want to work with a secondary dashboard of tools populates on the right-hand of the builder. With these tools, you’ll be able to perform everything you need to follow the instructions in the article:
Extra Goodies: The website builder has a built in image editing tool, which I love. Remember now that I’m a graphic designer so when I have a tool that will allow me to change colors, crop and change just about everything on the image without having to pull the image down from the build that is a gold mine. I can make changes on the fly and keep on working!

In closing, if you’re a church, ministry, Christian organization you us anything other than you’ve lost your marbles, and you should really have your brain checked. They are simply the best in that market. Now if you have skills then might be a good option for you. But for the Pastor that has little time and even less understand Ministry Website Designs is a no-brainier if you ask me.

Next week, I’ll be looking a similar company, but they have focused their work on Non Profit organizations. Think you know who it is? You probably don’t so check back next week to find out!

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